Sarah’s commitment is that mothers, babies, fathers,and families everywhere have the best possible start. Her work informs and empowers parents, parents-to-be, maternity-care professionals and all interested in the health and wellbeing of families globally. Sarah’s intention is that this work benefits the widest audience possible, and is powerful, pleasurable, and sustainable for all concerned.

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Technical or Website Problem?

If you have a technical or other problem with our website,  webshop or  our apologies. Please email info [at] and we will get back to you ASAP, usually within 24 hours, to resolve your problem.

I’ve ordered your ebook/signed up for a free ebook but haven’t received it

If you have purchased the “Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering” 2005 ebook ($9/$9.90) and not received it, or signed up for the free ebook “Ecstatic Birth” or “Pain in Labour” and not received it, please look in your spam folder for an email “Thank you for your purchase” or “Download link for Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering“ which has a download link. If you can’t find it, please email info [at] for the link.

If you have a specific health, childbirth or parenting question AND you are a Gentle Natural Birth Professional member

First, please search GNB resources, including on this page

If your issue is not addressed, you can post in our GNB Professional members private Facebook group, where you will get responses from our fabulous Gentle Natural Birth community, and Sarah will usually also respond.

Note that although Sarah may give general information to help make an informed choice, she cannot provide personalized medical advice and always advises that you consult your own personal health professional.

If you have a specific health, childbirth or parenting question AND you are not a GNB Professional member

Sarah is unable to address individual questions.

You can research your question using the resources on this page and you are welcome to join (Professional membership) and access the resources as above.
Note that GNB Professional membership is available to all, and includes access to all GNB resources, including all webinars, (See and our private Facebook Page. These are not available to Gentle Natural Birth Parents members.

If you want information about local (Brisbane) resources or practitioners…

Please note that Sarah is not practicing as a GP at present. The Homebirth Queensland meetings in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are wonderful opportunities to meet natural-minded families and find local resources. There are also several midwifery practices in Brisbane that offer home and hospital birth services.

If you have a question about Sarah’s writing, or reproducing her writing

Please note that reproducing material published in Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering (2009) requires permission from US publisher Penguin Random House and there may be a fee. You can apply to the publisher here. For reprinting or excerpts that will only be published in Australia, email info [at] You can generally quote up to 1-200 words without specific permission.

If you would like to purchase Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering wholesale

Please enquire with the publisher in the US or Australia. If you require smaller numbers than their minimum order, Sarah can supply 6 or more copies at a reduced price in Australia only. Email us info [at]

If you are requesting a book or DVD donation for raffles or fundraising

Sarah is delighted to support you in Australia but, because of high postage costs, we cannot ship these items outside Australia. Email us Info [at]

If you have a question about speaking engagements

Sarah would be delighted to email with you. Please note that she is generally booked up at least 12 months in advance for speaking outside Australia. You can email her to request her fees and topics. info [at]

If you have a media request

Sarah can usually respond within 24 hours, if she is in the country and outside weekends and public holidays. Info [at]

If you have used these suggestions above and your issue is not addressed

Please email info [at]

Please note that your email may be answered by an assistant on Sarah’s behalf.

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